Studio Magic

My garage is my studio. You can often find me painting in the evenings from this space with the garage door open, a gentle aroma of beeswax in the air, music blaring and a warm glow illuminating from within. The garage is a good place to work since painting encaustics inside of a home is a challenge without significant safety measures put into place. One needs proper ventilation as well as sufficient safety measures to reduce the risk of fire. Some of the

pigments are hazardous to breathe when heated and the use of blow torches and extreme heat increases the likelihood of fire. The studio isn’t pretty but it’s certainly functional and serves my needs well. There is a standing offer for people to come and visit me in the studio and see, in person, how encaustics are created. Reach out to me if you’d like to schedule a visit. A special thanks to Zach Johnson for photographing my creative process.

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Photos by Zach Johnson